Technodiversity, my first novel, is now available!

The book cover of Technodiversity

Rem of the Recycle Canyon and that fated Faraday Fox!

A world where rogue software animates junk to life?

A female protagonist that doesn’t cry at the first sight of trouble?

A sci-fi book where the word ‘robot’ appears only once and the word ‘science’ zero times?

Oh yes, and so much more! Techodiversity, my first sci-fi novel, is now available on Amazon!

Spanning 118k words, Technodiversity is one of many stories that take place in the Improbable Future: a time and space that might be, but probably won’t. The Improbable Future is a hard science fiction setting I’ve been developing stories for since 1999.

In addition to stories where rogue software stirs junk to life, there are tales of intergalactic invasions, ancient enigmas, planet-sized computers that try to predict the future, interstellar treasure hunters, galactic conspiracies, peculiar alien societies, space divas, and even a medieval science fiction romance near the absolute zero.

Here’s the blurb I wrote for Technodiversity:

Born on a blasted world where mechanical creatures form spontaneously in the wake of interstellar apocalypse, Rem of the Recycle Canyon must scour laser-lit landscapes for lost knowledge and rip technocreatures apart for scraps of lost technology.

But when she decides to set her first catch free, Rem disturbs the ancient balance between her people and their spacefaring relatives who crave her world’s riches, finding herself in a post-biological world of trouble.

Rem’s defiance against the so-called “gods of hell-space”, and her surprising affection towards her world’s technocreatures, kick off an explosive misadventure that will challenge her convictions and test every skill she doesn’t believe she has.

Will she rise above age-old prejudices, outsmart a computer-god, keep her feelings for a charming but suspicious outsider under control, reach the mythical Hologram Valley and survive its secret?

If so, she might succeed where legendary heroes of old failed and discover the impossible solution to protect her world’s technodiversity… and perhaps even find love in the unlikeliest of places.

Otherwise, she might leave her last breath under a techbeast’s chassis — or worse — find herself banished in hell-space!

Check out Technodiversity, a fresh science fiction adventure that combines a sophisticated narrative in the vein of traditional sci-fi classics with breathtaking action, whirlwind romance and spunky humor.


Sounds fun?
I hope it does, because there’s more where that came from!