It’s all Greek to them! 101 amazing facts about Greece and the Greeks

It's all Greek to them! book coverHumans have been living, thinking, creating (and occasionally killing each other) in Greece since time immemorial; their actions shaping this ancient land. Greece’s rich history has left behind countless astounding buildings, unique traditions and bizarre cultural phenomena. Yet Greece is living and breathing today and Greek history is being written as you read these lines, with modern-day Greek events sometimes surpassing the weirdest ancient fables in sheer oddness.

In my latest book, it’s all Greek to them! 101 amazing facts about Greece and the Greeks I examine a plethora of little-known, yet amazing facts about my homeland and the curious people living on it.

Through this quirky book’s pages, I aim to travel you from the myths that shroud antiquity to Greece’s tumultuous present and from the highest peaks of Mt. Olympus to the azure beaches of the Aegean. The book is equal parts wit and scientific integrity, providing objective, provable yet mindblowingly interesting facts about Greece and Greeks!

The Smart Tourist’s Guide to Greece – A New Book By Yours Truly

The Smart Tourist’s Guide to Greece, my first ever kindle book is now available from Amazon Kindle store!

The Smart Tourist's Guide to Greece, by Theodore Koukouvitis


The Smart Tourist’s Guide to Greece was written to give all tourists the knowledge to comprehend what is really going on around them when they are visiting Greece and allow them to look beyond the spoon-fed tourist attractions and into a magnificent but troubled land; the real Greece without any make-up.

In this unique tourist guide I have decided to explore the culture, history and politics that make Greece such a popular destination for millions of tourists instead of writing about restaurants and hotels that other guides so extensively cover.

Greece is beautiful even beyond the popular tourist destinations and through this book’s pages I attempt to reveal a land that most tourists don’t know much about.
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You can find The Smart Tourist’s Guide to Greece through this link.