WWWordsmith: Forging a living from online writing, my latest book, coauthored with Kay McMahon.

My latest book: WWWordsmith: Forging a living from online writing is now available from Amazon!

WWWordsmith coverWorking once again with epic friend and mentor Kay McMahon, we have put together a book explaining the the ins and outs of making money online from writing.

I am covering all aspects of working online as a freelance writer with Kay focuses on the business aspects of writing online.

If you think you have writing skills, if you know you have a book in you, if you already make money from your writing but want to go online then this book may help you find your way to forge a living from online writing!

As with all our books, there are no upsells, no tricks, no get-rich-quick schemes and no promises to miraculously turn the reader into a capable writer. Instead, we just offer you accurate and objective info about what’s what in the internet when it comes to writing.


Snake Oil! How ‘Make Money Online’ scams work …and how to avoid them – My latest ebook, coauthored with Kay McMahon

My latest ebook: Snake Oil! How ‘Make Money Online’ scams work …and how to avoid them is available from Amazon!


Snake Oil!


Coauthored with good friend and epic scambuster Kay McMahon, this book blows the lid off the countless lies and scams that surround the so-called “Make Money Online” (MMO) industry; a shady industry that supposedly teaches people how to become rich through the internet, but in reality it mostly makes them poorer.

From the countless products that promise to make you rich online, most are bogus or scams that only make the product’s creator richer. This book empowers the reader to see through all such scams and find the rare good deal amongst an ocean of scams.

The victims of MMO scams become poor and get trapped in a vicious circle of buying more and more MMO products in hopes of finding the “real deal”.

Through this book’s pages, Kay and me explore the reality of the MMO industry and cut through all the hype, misinformation and bamboozle that surround most products that promise overnight riches.

This brutally honest book will help you to avoid online moneymaking scams and help you become more powerful in understanding how some scammers work behind the scenes.

If you’re hoping to make money online, you should really think about reading this book before you spend any money on any secret MMO recipe that promises to make you rich with no effort!