The Gnosis Machine, my second novel, is out now!

Gnosis Machine Cover 2

The Gnosis Machine orbiting the famous luminous variable star 1806-20 in W31 sector (the star and W31 are both real! Google them!)

A story about people trying to survive on a computer built to predict and control the future: The Gnosis Machine!

In The Gnosis Machine, we get to see the lives and difficult decisions of four fateful people who find themselves stranded on the half-finished Machine. It’s a story about trust and hope, but also about entropy and determinism.

The Gnosis Machine might be my second published sci-fi novel, but it’s actually the first one I wrote. The current version has a whooping 1119 hours of editing time logged, which is more than double what I spent for Technodiversity, my first published novel.

Looking back, I had a blast writing The Gnosis Machine, and I hope you love reading it and uncovering all the secret plots and machinations on that huge artificial planetoid!

Here’s the book blurb for The Gnosis Machine:

The Gnosis Machine is a tale about the unpredictable nature of predictability and the consequences of absolute certainty. It’s also the story of a thousand and two stellar castaways on a planet-sized computer designed to predict and control the future: The Gnosis Machine.

An ambitious professor bets his life on a bid to abolish uncertainty, but when an entropic alien stresses the Machine’s computing power to its absolute limit, he faces an impossible dilemma as everything begins crumbling around him.

A grizzled war veteran comes to the Machine to fade away. His hopes for a quiet retirement are shattered when his ship implodes, stranding everyone on the Machine, and he finds love at the edge of the half-finished artificial planetoid.

A homesick science graduate becomes the unlikely hero when he saves a man from predetermined suicide — but he must then master gravity in a desperate attempt to save a thousand more people, including three cyborg madammes of excellent pedigree.

A fifty-year-old widow in an ageless body tries to escape the horror of her husband’s death only to find his charred remains 40,000 light-years from where he died. As chaos erupts and more people attempt to kill themselves on the Machine, she becomes the reluctant leader of the desperate castaways as they all clash in the battle between entropy and determinism.

The Gnosis Machine is built to predict everything, but in the end, will it be able to foresee — and prevent — its own fate?

Narrated through multiple points of view, The Gnosis Machine is a literary science fiction novel that explores the true meaning of trust, and the complications that arise when what you think you desire is actually not what you want. It is a book about humanity’s relationship with certainty and the timeless struggle to control the unknown.

Plus, there’s a big, well-hidden surprise somewhere in there. 🙂

Come on, check The Gnosis Machine out!

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